Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle C)

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle C)

“Lord, come to my aid.” - Psalm 40

What is your deepest, darkest fear? What if God called you to face that fear? Could you do it?

Ancient Jews believed that evil things lived in deep waters. In Genesis 1:1-2, the waters are a chaotic abyss with no life in them. In Revelation 13:1 the first beast comes out of the sea. When Jesus warns of those who cause children to sin that, “it would be better for him to have a great millstone hunt around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” (Matthew 18:6). The sea was a scary place. Fisherman had to be fearless, like the daredevils of today, to have they jobs they did. This is why, in Matthew 14:22-33, when Jesus comes to the Apostles walking on the water, they are terrified and call Him “a ghost,” because they believe something evil from the depths is approaching. However, Jesus reveals Himself and calls Peter to come out onto the water with Him.

Think of the courage Peter needed to do this. He literally stepped into evil itself to get to Jesus, but when he became distracted by the fear of the waves around him, he sank. He did not doubt Jesus, he doubted his own ability to overcome the evil around him. It is here that Peter prays one of my favorite prayers, which is echoed by the words of the Psalm this week: “Lord, save me!” Even though Peter was so unafraid to step out onto the chaotic abyss on the waters, he could not do it on his own. We cannot go through this life on our own. No matter how holy, smart, popular, healthy or talented we are, we need Jesus.

The beautiful thing about Peter’s prayer is that the VERY next words are: “IMMEDIATELY Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him.” No matter what is going on in your life right now, no matter how much you think you can handle it on your own, Jesus is waiting for the invitation to come and save you from the fear and worry that is plaguing you. You need Him, but does He know that? Has He been invited into your anxieties and fears? This week, ask for Jesus to intervene in the things you are stressed, anxious and worried about. Pray “Lord, save me!” and know that He will immediately stretch out His hand to catch you. We are praying for you this week.

See you in the Eucharist.

Matt & Jenna are two Catholic best friends, youth ministers and worship leaders seeking to encourage, inspire & grow closer to Christ and His Church.