Psalm Reflection: Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle C)

Psalm Reflection: Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle C)

“If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” - Psalm 90

“The World Health Organization has called environmental noise an “underestimated threat.” In the US, one in four adults show signs of noise-induced hearing loss, and hearing loss (from all causes) is now the third most common chronic health condition in the US, just after diabetes and cancer.” (Taken from:

God is constantly speaking. 

Before we can even think about our response and having an open (or hardened) heart, we have to consider one important question: do we even hear Him? The Psalm does not say “WHEN today you hear his voice...,” it says “IF” today. That is a big “IF.” We live such noisy and busy lives trying to keep up with our noisy and busy culture. God has not stopped speaking, we have stopped listening. I often hear people comment that they “don’t hear God,” or they have difficulty experiencing Him in day-to-day life. When we start thinking like this, we can end up only seeking out “experiences” of God, and our relationship with Him is defined only by big emotional moments, because they are the rare occasions when we are removed from our routine enough to get away from the noise to actually listen to God speak. The equivalent would be only paying attention to our spouse on our anniversary each year, and then ignoring them the other 364 days a year. 

God desires to be present to you and speak to you as His beloved child every single moment of every single day. What is getting in the way of you hearing His voice? Do you schedule time every day to be with the Lord? To put aside screens and distractions and simply listen? Do you spend time regularly praying through Scripture to listen to God’s words? This week, spend at least 5 minutes a day in silent prayer. Don’t say anything, just invite and listen for the voice of God. Allow yourself to get more accustomed to cutting through the noise. The more often you do it, the easier it will be to hear Him speak. We are praying for you this week.

See you in the Eucharist!

Matt & Jenna are two Catholic best friends, youth ministers and worship leaders seeking to encourage, inspire & grow closer to Christ and His Church.