Psalm Reflection: Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle C)

Psalm Reflection: Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle C)

“You are my inheritance, O Lord.” - Psalm 16

What is an inheritance? I immediately think of someone passing away and leaving individuals with their money and assets after their death. We might go through the home or belongings of a loved one who has passed away and find things to remember them by. In Jesus’ time and in ancient Jewish culture, inheritances were taken very seriously. The oldest son received 2/3 of the father’s estate, the second son received 1/3, and no other children received anything. Daughters were intended to be cared for by their future husbands, so the worst possible position to be in was the third son. 

In reality, we are all that third son. We have no claim or right to anything from God our Father, and yet He offers us the ultimate inheritance, His very self. Only after and through the death of Jesus Christ can we receive our inheritance of eternal, loving relationship with God. We cannot earn it, we do not deserve it, and yet it is ours for the taking. So, will you take it? Will you allow yourself to be open to receive what God desires for you? Or are you more concerned with an earthly inheritance of money? More possessions? A career? A degree? A GPA? The attention of others? More followers? God wants all good things for you, but only He can ultimately fulfill the desires of your heart. This week, pursue your divine inheritance. Focus on God and less on the earthly desires you may have for bigger, better, or more things. Trust God and allow Him to fulfill your desires in a way that only He can. We are praying for you this week.

See you in the Eucharist. 

Matt & Jenna are two Catholic best friends, youth ministers and worship leaders seeking to encourage, inspire & grow closer to Christ and His Church.