Psalm Reflection: Divine Mercy Sunday (Cycle B)

“The Lord, my strength and might, has become my savior.” - Psalm 118:14
Who do you rely on? Who do you turn to first in times of struggle and doubt? Most of us do not turn immediately to God; we will probably talk out our problem with a friend or family member, and they might encourage us to pray about it or not, but falling quickly before the feet of our Savior is a habit few people practice consistently. That is because we live in a world that advertises so many false Messiahs to us that we settle for less than the only one who can truly save us. Whether it is popularity, a relationship, a lifestyle, our sexual identity, a friendship, partying, pornography, drugs, alcohol, cutting, power, money, success, you name it; we all have something we turn to in moments when we are looking to be comforted or saved from something, but these never do the trick permanently. We always hear that Jesus is our Savior, but when in your life have you ACTUALLY LET HIM SAVE YOU? When have you invited Him into your hopelessness, into your mess, into your sin and surrendered control? Have you ever let yourself fully trust in the Lord? This Easter week is your prime opportunity, as we bask in the glorious reminder of the resurrection, to cling to the victory won for you by Jesus Christ and run to Him in every moment of need. Go before God in prayer this week, wherever you most like to pray, and physically imagine yourself giving God everything in your life right now, laying it at His feet, and saying out loud, “Jesus, I trust you with _______.” We are praying for you this week!

Matt & Jenna are two Catholic best friends, youth ministers and worship leaders seeking to encourage, inspire & grow closer to Christ and His Church.