Matt & Jenna talk about the opportunities we have to grow in our faith over summer now that some of your schedules may be a little more flexible!
Matt & Jenna want to remind you that if you are experiencing any kind of darkness, that you cannot never be so far that light cannot reach you. Jesus is our victory and His name can shed light in our darkest moments.
Matt & Jenna wanted to try and say hello to their growing number of international listeners and followers. They tried their best.
Matt & Jenna discuss awesome moms and what do for them this Mother's Day!
Matt & Jenna discuss cool, easy hacks for you to practice, learn about and live out your Catholic faith on the go!
Matt & Jenna talk about how to live out this Easter season, especially in the midst of our busyness.
Matt & Jenna talk about Holy Saturday and how it can be a good reminder of the beauty God is seeking to give us in moments of waiting.
Matt & Jenna discuss a t-shirt tag line Jenna saw this week, and how it can help us as we journey through Lent and life in general.
Matt & Jenna talk about what causes loneliness, what to do when we are lonely, and how engaged loneliness can be good and even necessary.
Matt & Jenna talk about how they feel about becoming parents.
Matt & Jenna talk about why we fast from things and abstain from meat at particular times during the season of Lent.
Matt & Jenna talk about the season of Lent and how to enter into the beautiful practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving and not to treat Lent like a second chance at your failed New Years Resolutions.
Matt & Jenna talk about the liturgical season of Ordinary Time and how you can make it extraordinary.
Matt & Jenna talk about spiritual warfare: what it is, how it commonly manifests and how to deal with it when it happens.
Matt & Jenna share a sneak peak of their next episode, and want to hear from you about what you would like to hear on this relevant topic!

Matt & Jenna discuss the Season of Advent: what it is, why we have it, and how we can enter into to it more intentionally. Enjoy!

Matt & Jenna take a moment to talk about the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas and how Black Friday fits, does not fit, or could fit into what is supposed to be a season of gratitude, anticipation, family and joy.
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Hey! This is Manna: Food For Thought, a bi-monthly podcast/vlog coming at you from Matt Zemanek and Jenna DiBernardo, two Catholic best friends, youth ministers, and music ministers in Orange County, CA. We are so excited to begin this journey of truth, theology, and our take on what it means to be Catholic.